Bora Payments System

Bora owns the Payer Direct Hub® (PDH), a platform for commercial card payments using any brand/type of card, whether credit or debit, with a focus on providing Buyer-Initiated (“push” or “straight through”) payment processing designed to lower supplier A/R cost, effort commonly associated with ePayables. The PDH precisely controls interchange using a proprietary, Buyer-Initiated (BIP) processing method, reaching all acquiring platforms directly, and requiring only a basic file compatible with any AP system. Enrolled suppliers can be paid using their existing Merchant I.D. (MID) or enroll for a new MID, whatever is most convenient for them. Complete payment detail is provided, with no line item data limit, and with all parties having access to the data. This vastly speeds (and simplifies) reconciliation. An enhanced version of Mastercard ICCP are both embedded in PDH, so that Payers can flexibly pay more of their suppliers. For Issuers preferring virtual card architectures, but needing BIP processing power to satisfy supplier expectations, Bora provides SIP2BIP processing. Here, Bora delivers Buyer-Initiated processing benefits to Suppliers while using just Issuer’s virtual card e-mail as the input. PDH flexibility and ease of use enables Payers to pay more of their suppliers by card.

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